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Good Neighbour's in Shropshire - A Montage

Communities pull together to help one another, dispelling the myth that “Old Fashioned” values are “Dead” or “Forgotten”.

Individuals who need a little help are being supported by their local Good Neighbours Scheme (GNS).

The schemes, which are dotted around the county, are run by volunteers who give their time to support others.

Lots of people benefit from this generous giving of time, we are all susceptible to change, which can affect us in the long and short term. The GNS aim to give a little relief by helping with everyday tasks that can at times be daunting or impossible!

Here is a montage to some of the great jobs that have been done across this wonderful county, in the name of the “Good Neighbours”.

Case Study 1

MR K (late 70’s)

Mr K lived alone and was struggling to put his bins and recycling boxes out.

When NSFN visited they found that he was suffering with severe health problems.

As he wasn’t receiving any benefits etc. NSFN completed the correct forms in June and arranged for his medication to be delivered.

A Blue Badge application was made and a digital portable Oxygen Cylinder was organised by the breathing clinic.

He was able to purchase a scooter and a hoist for his car as he received some back pay and he received top rate of Attendance Allowance, making him £500 a month better off. This all helped him to get out and about more.

Also NSFN sorted his bin collection with Veolia and his Council Tax and Housing Benefits were reduced. Regular ongoing support/befriending and shopping was carried out by NSFN.

Unfortunately he has since passed away- NSFN supported him right to the end.

Case Study 2

MR F (late 20’s)

Mr F was suffering from depression and anxiety.

NSFN was contacted by the social services and it was decided that he could be helped with form filling and transport to the doctors and befriending. He was referred to Severnside Housing for debt advice and job club to help him get back into work.

Also NSFN supplied Mr F with some used carpets which were fitted in his bedroom and a fridge was provided.

He continues to have weekly visits from NSFN volunteer as ongoing support as and when required.

Case Study 3

MR W (mid 50s)

Mr W is a long term unemployed gentleman with learning difficulties who lives alone. He often comes in the office where volunteer’s assist him by making regular phone calls to the Severnside support worker, provide assistance with his paper work, transport and befriending support.

Mr W now does voluntary work with NSFN himself –Helping out at our shop.

His voluntary work was included on his CV and he has now got part time employment (three days a week) elsewhere. His confidence has been boosted and he sometimes accompanies other NSFN volunteers undertaking various tasks:- e.g. collecting donated items for our shop or providing additional help with less able clients. Mr W has received our support for over five years. During this time he has grown in confidence and this has improved his self-esteem. However, NSFN staff anticipate that he will continue to seek our help with everyday tasks as NSFN is a vital lifeline for him.


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